Cockatiels for sale

Cockatiels For Sale

Cockatiels, Nymphicus hollandicus, are a small species of birds that are a member of the parrot family. They are known also by the following name of Quarrion, Cockatoo-Parrot, Crested Parrot and Weero. Cockatiels are found only on the Australian Continent mostly on the northern half of the continent. They live in lightly timbered areas like farmlands, parks, and outskirts of towns. Cockatiels like to perch in the open like on power lines, dead trees or branches without leaves. They can be found in small to large flocks that are noisy while in flight but can be completely quiet while feeding on the ground. Their diet in the wild is seeds, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetable greenery and small ground dwelling insects.

cockatiel hand fed babies
Name:   Eli  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/24/2019
Aviary:   Birdmans Parrots
Phone:   7733173785
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Location:   chicago , Illinois

Currently hand feeding sweet baby Cockatiels different mutations and colors available. WE DO SHIP!!! We are located at 5668 n lincoln ave. chicago, il 60659. We offer financing go to and apply today or call 773 317 3785.
cockatiel hand fed babies
Name:   elias namroud  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/5/2019
Aviary:   birdmans parrots
Phone:   7733173785
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Location:   chicago , Illinois

Currently hand feeding sweet baby Cockatiels different colors and mutations, these babies are well socialized. WE DO SHIP!!! We are located at 5668 n lincoln ave chicago il 60659. We offer financing go to and apply today or call 773 317 3785.
Baby Cockatiel Available
Name:   Alexis  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/25/2019
Aviary:   Parrot Stars
Phone:   224-735-7537
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Location:   Arlington Heights , Illinois

Baby Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) Available! Cockatiels are native to Australia. Cockatiels come in a wide variety of color mutations, but they are all the same species. They make fantastic 'starter birds' but they can also be an outstanding addition to an existing flock. They are playful, affectionate, and absolutely beautiful. They have a whistley voice, and can learn to talk over time. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 25’’ long, 21’’ wide and 29’’ high with ½’’ wire spacing. At Parrot Stars we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones and much more. No question will go unanswered. Every hand fed baby is weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in store, high variety seed that we also make here in store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby, or any others that we have available, please give us a call! Feel free to follow us on Facebook @parrotstars for more pictures, videos and information.
Handfed Babies Available
Name:   Brandon  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/6/2019
Aviary:   Parrots Unlimited
Phone:   619-786-7887
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Location:   San Diego, CA , California

We have the following handfed babies available for deposit: Yellow Naped Amazons - $1950 Lilac Crowned Amazons - $975 Mustache Parakeets - $775 Alexandrian - $1000 High Yellow Sun Conure (weaned) - $575 Fancy Love Birds - $150 Cockatiels - $200 We specialize in raising all species of parrots hand raised in our home. We have babies available all year. Our hand raising techniques include abundance weaning, daily play sessions, supreme hand feeding formula, etc. The result is a truly outstanding parrot companions. All credit cards are accepted and we ship via Delta Airlines.
cockatiel hand fed babies
Name:   ELI  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/16/2019
Aviary:   birdmans parrots
Phone:   7733173785
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Location:   chicago , Illinois

Currently hand feeding baby Cockatiels different colors and mutations available. We are located at 5668 n lincoln ave chicago il 60659. WE DO SHIP!!! We offer financing go to and apply today or call 773 317 3785.
Handfed Cockatiels
Name:   Melinda Cullen  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/8/2019
Aviary:   GA Parrot
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Location:   Jackson , Georgia

I will have Cockatiels available in early to mid June. I breed Greys, Pearls, Lutinos, and more. Please visit my website at to learn more about my birds and the colors I will have available.

Reducing Flock due owner illness
Name:   Kellie L Petersen  -  user reviews
Posted:   2/22/2019
Aviary:   America Spa And Pool,LLC
Phone:   8509746717
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Location:   Niceville , Florida

We have many blue front Amazon, scarlet macaw, Guatemalan mealy, Quaker, Mexican redhead, cockatiel, timian african grey, and more! Owner is not able to care for birds any longer due to severe lung disease. Some breeder pairs available. Prices vary according to bird and are negotiable for quick sale. Cages are available to go with bird for additional cost. Most are wild, not tame. Will not ship. Please contact for info on birds and pics.
2 cockatiels for sale
Name:   Janice Folden  -  user reviews
Posted:   2/19/2019
Phone:   2052409635
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Location:   Birmingham , Alabama

I have 2 cockatiels for sale $125 each or both for $200. Yellow one is pending sale. I have a large cage for sale $150
Name:   Lorraine  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/26/2019
Aviary:   Misty Morning Aviary
Phone:   5188932093
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Location:   Greenfield Center , New York

Hand raising Cockatiels. Will be weaned onto Roudybush pellets and a soft mix of beans veggies brown rice and pasta. Taught the step up command and to drink from a water bottle. Greenfield Center NY. Pick up only. No shipping
Birds available
Name:   Ben  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/28/2018
Aviary:   Gallegos Aviary LLC
Phone:   4353749978
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Location:   Logan , Utah

0.1 African ringneck 250 3.0 Cockatiels 70 0.0.1 Albino cockatiel 250 Shipping available or local pickup in Logan, UT.
Sun conure cockatiel babies
Name:   Huong  -  Posted:   12/23/2018
Phone:   619-541-2903
Location:   Jamul , California

Taking deposit for sun conure babies and cockatiels. Sun conure are $275 each and cockatiels are $70 each. Must be bought in lots of five or more. Will ship; buyer pay shipping. Total minimum of ten birds. Call 619-541-2903 we can FaceTime you the babies.

Albino cockatiels
Name:   Kimberly Longenecker  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/12/2018
Aviary:   Cockatiel
Phone:   7173148446
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Location:   Elizabethtown , Pennsylvania

3 baby albino cockatiels for sale, text at 717-314-8446
Three cockatiels for sale
Name:   Patty Strohmenger  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/25/2018
Aviary:   Cocktails
Phone:   216-470-7804
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Location:   Valley city , Ohio

Three pied cockatiels for sale. Two are males - One male rosy check and one plain. Female is plain. Born July 15 this year. Wings are currently clipped. Have free reign of living room but not handled much. Will need work once separated. Asking $80.00

Cockatiels will be old enough to breed at about the age of 1 year. Males and females are different looking, sexually dimorphic. The males will have a yellow face and bright orange ear patch. The females will have a gray head and duller orange ear patch. Cockatiels will mate for life and stay with their mate throughout the year. They will bred in the spring when food supplies is increased. They will nest in holes of trees and lay a clutch size of 4 to 7 eggs. Incubation of the eggs is 17 to 23 days and the female will incubate in the evening and night while the male will take the morning through afternoon shift. The chicks will leave the nest by 5 weeks old but will still be cared for by their parents for another month. Cockatiels will live 10-14 years in the wild.

Pet Cockatiel Care

Cockatiels do make great pets. They are very social in the wild and will seek out their owner for attention. Cockatiels are very good at mimicking sounds like whistling. Some can mimic speech. Cockatiels can be loud at times. They are very readily trainable with the patients and time of the trainer. With all the captive breeding, there is many colors available to purchase than only the wild gray color. You can find them in cinnamons, pearls, pieds, albinos, lutinos and more in the pet trade. In captivity, a cockatiel can live 15-20 years. In the wild cockatiels eat seeds, grains and whatever fruit or vegetable greenery they can find. The caging size that is best for a cockatiel is the largest that you can afford and have space for as it is with any pet that you may own. The minimal size cage that you can purchase for a cockatiel to be comfortable in is one that measures 24” long by 24” tall and 18” wide. This gives enough room for them to open their wings and move around a bit. The bar spacing needs to be no larger than ¾”. If larger, the bird can injure itself by trying to get out. 2-3 perches of variable diameter of no smaller than ¾” needs to be provided in the cage. The different perching diameter is for the health of their feet to prevent sores on the bottom of their feet.

Toys are essential for any parrot. They naturally in the wild will spend many hours foraging for their food. Play and chewing with toys will help them focus their energy on playing than with behavior issues like feather plucking. When purchasing toys, look over the toy and make sure that there is no risk of your bird getting a foot or beak stuck on any part of the toy or that there are not parts that can get tangled around your bird. Also you want to purchase a toy that is made for cockatiel sized birds.

The diet of a cockatiel in captivity is easy to maintain with all the complete commercial diets available at the pet stores. The best diet is a base of pellets with fresh fruits and greens. Some fruits and greens can be toxic to your bird so do your research before feeding any fruits and greens. Also adding a small amount of seed each day or use as a treat. Cockatiels can become obese and their food intake should be watched to prevent it. Always make sure clean fresh water is provided at all times for your pet cockatiel.