Goffins Cockatoos for sale

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Name:   Jason  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/26/2021
Phone:   14436170435
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Location:   Southwest Florida , Florida

Available for trade only:

1-greenwing macaw
1-blue and gold macaw
1-goffins cockatoo
1-congo african grey

Would like to trade these birds for something. All unsexed. Macaws are supposedly a pair however they squabble a lot so could easily be split up and repaired. The gofins is tame with some people and flys to divebomb others lol.All in good feather. Not for sale! Trade only! Open to all offers on trades. Tell me what you have to trade. Pickup in southwest florida. Willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
Goffins cockatoo
Name:   Lynne  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/29/2019
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Location:   Norwich , Connecticut

Due to my declining health I need to rehome my Goffins cockatoo. He is a make, very sweet and talks some. Can be handled by anyone. Perfect health. Asking $1100 which will include the cage.
Proven Goffins cockatoo pair
Name:   Jon  -  Posted:   5/8/2019
Aviary:   Avian Instincts
Phone:   4802731358
Location:   Phoenix , Arizona

Young proven goffins cockatoo pair. On eggs now, perfect condition. 2500 for pair or will trade for congo grey pair. Can ship