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Name: velinda Dewitt
Description: Looking for young female English Budgies.

Name: robert
Description: looking for yellow fischers males or females maybe 10+

Name: Sherry Filter
Description: I had a rainbow lorikeet for 25 years and he passed away and I hope to find a new baby.

Name: Amanda M Edmundson
Description: Cockatiel

Name: Alber
Description: Looking for a breeding pairs of Caiques.

Name: Francine L Smolkowski
Description: Black headed caique with orange pantaloons

Name: Annette Gutierres
Description: I am looking for a Baby Meyers Parrot

Name: Sia Fraser
Description: male hans macaw

Name: Linda Covington
I am looking for a hand tamed older female parrotlet for companionship for my older tame male parrotlet. They will have separate cages of course. Color does't matter. Would prefer 2 years old or older.
Happy to supply references from vet, bird store owner, etc. I work from home part time, so birds get lots of attention. No other pets in home except male parrotlet. Thanks. I am NY State

Name: Tammy Carpenter
Description: Hello. I am looking for a green parakeet. It doesn't matter if it's male or female. Prefer one that is tame and used to being handled. Thank you!

Name: David
Description: I am looking for a fairly young male Hans macaw

Name: Steve
Description: Female Cape Parrot

Name: Taahira Watson
Description: looking for a blck headed parrot age 1 year old or older.

Name: Ana
Description: I'm interested in a umbrella or moluccan cockatoo less than 15yrs of age and tamed. Will come to a lovely family of 4 my husband, 2 teen daughters and myself, I'm a home stay wife and have a lot of time on my hands to spend it with the cockatoo.
Thank you

Name: Brittany H
Description: I am looking for Indian ringneck. The sex doesn’t matter honestly and neither does the color. Just love these birds and have been looking and just missed one!

Name: Teresa
Description: I am looking for a mini macaw or a eclectus

Name: Bethany Cope
Description: Looking for a companion bird.Looking for a male English budgie or like size.

Name: Howard
Description: Need a Yellow Tail Cockatoo pair or single pet is fine, In NJ can pick up other than that shipping is a must

No scammers

Message me with info and pictures.

Name: teresa
Description: looking for a mini macaw

Name: Ana Salazar-Amador
Description: Umbrella,citron, sulphur cockatoo

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