Blue headed macaw baby

Title:   Blue headed macaw baby
Name:   Ana Temple   User Review

Date:   11/5/2020
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   Stroudsburg,

Blue-Headed Macaw Baby Available!

This is the last baby, from one of my best Blue-Headed Macaw pairs. A DNA-Tested male, his parents are top quality; calm, social, and because of their temperament foster other species. These traits, from my experience with this pair, have been passed on to their offspring. The chicks are pulled at 4 weeks and have been placed on the best diet, formulated specifically for Macaws, and are currently on three hand feedings a day.

Blue-Headed Macaws are for the parrot aficionado. Information online is sparse and usually outdated because of their rarity. Blue-Headed Macaws are quiet when comparing them to other Macaws. Their size also makes them more versatile where space could be an issue and would be considered a Mini-Macaw.

His parents have been disease tested and are housed with other fully disease-tested Blue-Headed pairs. Each are from different bloodlines and each pair’s offspring are always unique. They are the cleanest of all species that I breed. If you are interested in a Blue-Headed Macaw, do some research on your own and see how amazing these birds are. Blue-Headed Macaws are on the top of my list, along with Greys and Goldens as the top 10 birds to have.

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