Derbyans for sale

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Name:   Jessica  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/8/2021
Aviary:   Love at First Flight
Phone:   17015952771
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Location:   bismarck , North Dakota

After 15 years of raising birds we are selling off the majority of our breeders. We are unable to ship at this time since Delta is no longer flying out of Bismarck, ND. One Pair of Derbyan Parakeets proven for me $1800 One pair of proven for me sun conures that are older. Female and male pluck each other. These are amazing parents. $500 One pair of proven sun conures and age is known. Both in great feather and are amazing parents. $600 One Single sun conure gender unknown $150 One pair of ringnecks. Hen is a lutino and male is olive green proven for us and great parents. They have produced lutino, olive green, normal green, albino, and blue for us. $600 One pair of ringnecks. Hen is a violet pied and male is a cobalt blue proven. They have produced cobalt blue, cobalt blue pied, violet pied, violet, violet cinnamon. $1200 One pair of YOUNG ringnecks. These are one years old. The male is cobalt blue pied and the hen is violet. $1000 One pair of illiger macaws. Male is blind in one eye that doesn't affect him. Bonded and not proven for us and age is unknown. $1500
Cutting back on large bird pairs
Name:   Benjamin  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/25/2021
Aviary:   All gods creatures
Phone:   9544406002
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Location:   Southwest ranches , Florida

Proven pairs 3 Congo greys domestically breed hatch and feed their young 1 pair citron crested cockatoos hatch and feed young pair 1 pair blue and gold macaws had first clutch 2 babies last season 1 pair orange Amazon’s 1 pair green wing macaws 1 pair hispanolians 6 pair of mutation Indian ring necks Pairs that are not yet proven 2 Congo greys 2 pair yellow nape Amazon 1 pair derbyan parakeets 4 pair mutation ring necks. (Blue, white, yellow) I am cutting back to setup for more smaller birds. Please call or text me at 954-440-6002 Benjamin
Derbyan pairs babies
Name:   Hugh  -  user reviews
Posted:   10/25/2020
Phone:   408-230-8231
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Location:   San Jose , California

4-5 years old Derbyan pair , perfect feather $ 1800/single $ 3500/pair
Name:   Steven  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/26/2020
Phone:   6318791304
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Location:   inglis , Florida

Three derbyan parrots Approximately a year and a half old looks like all mails all three for 3k 631-8791304 pick up only Florida Crystal River
Some young breeding pairs available
Name:   Huong  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/3/2020
Phone:   619-541-2903
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Location:   Jamul , California

I have a few young pairs available. 5 and 6 year old Cape Parrots. $6700 for pair 2 pairs of green wing macaws $5700 for each pair both pairs are 4 and 5 years old 1 pair of blue throat macaw for CA sale only $6000 for pair Also have 6 this year and last year Derbyan Available $1800 each All this birds are young good birds, DNA sexed or surgically sexed. Bonded pairs but to young to breed. Great breeding stock. I recently acquire them and can’t afford to keep them all. Looking to sell 2 pairs and maybe couple Derbyan. Thanks for looking at my post
Proven pair citron cockatoos
Name:   Manny  -  Posted:   4/15/2019
Phone:   7142135289
Location:   Anaheim , California

I have a proven pair of citron cockatoos. Very quiet pair. Proven for me. I get babies each year. Had them for 3-4 years. I have pictures and videos of previous babies. True citron cockatoos, not crosses. California sale only. $1900 pair or trade for Derbyans, jardines, rupplles, brown Headed parrots only. Call for more info at (714) 213-5289

Blue headed pionus pairs two pairs
Name:   Manny Hernandez  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/20/2019
Phone:   (714) 213-5289
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Location:   Fullerton , California

Blue headed pionus. I have two pairs available. Call for more info. 1450 each pair. ISO Derbyans singles or pairs. May consider trades for Derbyans, brown headed parrots, ruppells parrot, cape parrots, jardines, citron only. (714) 213-5289 Manny