Red and Yellow Macaw for sale

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Unweaned wholesale baby gc Irns
Name:   Rich  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/29/2018
Phone:   919 306 3474
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, North Carolina

40 + Green cheeks:
-normal greens and cinnamons 6 available-125/ea
-pineapples 20 available -150/ea
-turquoise -15 available- 200/ea
-high red pineapples 4 available-200/ea
-high red yellowsideds 4 available-200/ea

30 Indian Ringnecks unweaned also:
-several colors including lacewings sold in groups
30 available-300/ea All these babies are 4-6 weeks old and being Handfed formula 3x/day .....

Shipping available buy pays shipping and crate fees.