Double Yellow-headed Amazon For Sale

Double Yellow-headed Amazon for sale
3 Macaws a parrot
Name:   Chris  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/9/2020
Phone:   319-457-0144
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Location:   Fredericksburg , Iowa

3 adult Macaws and a Parrot:

Military Macaw Sergeant 8 y/o
Scarlet Macaw Augustus 8 y/o
Harlequin Macaw Prism 6 y/o
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot Isaac 5 y/o
Beautiful Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Name:   Robert  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/19/2019
Aviary:   Exotic & Beautiful Birds
Phone:   562-318-8585
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Location:   Cerritos , California

Beautiful talking adult male Double Yellow-Headed Amazon for $1600. Talks a lot and was once tamed. For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text 562-318-8585