Canaries for sale

Name:   Vienne L.  -  user reviews
Posted:   10/14/2016
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Location:   Mesa
ArizonaI have available for sale a CANARY WING PARAKEET (aka BEE BEE PARROT), male, 23 months old, ready to breed. He's rare, full of personality & playful, great for apartment or condo residents. He is interested in people but not hand tame. With some work, he could be trained, or would do well in a group with other parrots or cockatiels. I’m willing to ship (buyer pays shipping). $150.

If you need a cage, I also have an extra one for $50.

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Canary winged pair
Name:   Bill  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/27/2016
Aviary:   Ara aviary
Phone:   8053383549
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Location:   Agoura hills
CaliforniaI only have this one pair and had planned to flock breed with more pairs but have since changed plans. Asking 300.00 for the pair.