Timor Cockatoos for sale

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Proven pairs pets
Name:   sergio martinez  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/21/2017
Aviary:   Parrotsrus
Website:   Www.petmacaw.com
Phone:   7863267698
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Ft. Pierce , Florida

Friendly rare female Timor Cockatoo $900
Friendly female Umbrella cockatoo $900
Friendly Greenwing Macaw $1100
2 friendly scarlet macaws $1000 each
Friendly Haliquin Macaw $1100
Friendly Catalina Macaw $1100
Friendly female medium sulfur crested cockatoo $850
2 proven pairs of Congo African grays $1800 a pair
Proven pair of Moluccan Cockatoos $1950
Friendly male greater sulpher $1000
Pair of greater sulfur crested cockatoo's $1900
Friendly Pair of Triaton cockatoos $2000
Friendly White belly $750

Sergio (786)326-7698