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Birds Express

Phone: 435-632-8404

We are a small aviary, in southern Utah. We hand raise Green Cheek Conures, Meyers parrots, Senegal Parrots, and Parrolets. All our birds Get lots of Love and a great roudybush diet.


Phone: (801)548-0844

Fischer lovebirds(mauves, lutinos, greens, pastels, cobalts, violets). range
Peachface lovebirds(lutinos(orange and red heads), medium greens, dutch blues).
Masked lovebirds( mainly blue)
I also breed variety of softbills and canaries.

west point aviary

Website: www.utahaviary.com

West Point, Utah

Small home based aviary-
White Bellied Caiques
Cockatiels(most mutations)
Lineolated parakeets
English Budgies
Green Cheek Conures
Dusky Pionus
Meyers parrot
Maxi Pionus
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