Orange-winged Amazon For Sale

Orange-winged Amazon for sale
Orange wing Amazon babies are avaible
Name:   Ana Temple  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/28/2017
Aviary:   Ana's Parrots
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   East Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania

Orange wing Amazon babies are avaible. Currently being hand fed three times a day. Accepting deposits now.
The Orange-winged Amazon has been popular as a pet for over 100 years. Known for being quite friendly, they are easy to tame and quite clever. These parrots also strongly desire the attention of their owners, and will perform all sorts of amusing antics to gain and keep it. They make a wonderful companion and will quickly form a strong bond with their owner.
East Stroudsburg PA 18301. We can ship for $125 Weather Permitting. Any questions please feel free to message me or email me at Thank you! Call Ana for more information @ 646-496-5005.